Two ways to live: resources to give away

The Two Ways to Live gospel summary is available in a variety of high quality forms designed to give to a non-Christian person to communicate the Christian message.

All of the resources below (except the apps) are available for purchase through our online store (AU store | US store).

Two ways to live: the choice we all face

This attractive booklet contains the simple Two ways to live gospel outline along with extra text explaining the different points. It is written with a general audience in mind, and is a superb gospel tract to give away or to talk through with someone. It is available in a variety of languages and in a larger print edition.

Who will be king?

A colourfully illustrated and engaging adaptation of Two ways to live for children. Sensitively written with simplified language and concepts. Read the online version.

The Essential Jesus

The Essential Jesus combines the strengths of Two Ways to Live with the powerful story of the Gospel of Luke. It's an 80 page book for a remarkably low price, but without the tacky production values of most cheap Gospel booklets.

Gumtree Gully

This animal fable is based on the Two Ways to Live gospel outline, and explains and illustrates the gospel with an engaging story and charming illustrations.




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